Three Twinskin cabins with rubber slate roofing tiles

Twin skin log cabin, with rubber slate roof

Case Study – 1

Three twin skin cabins being installed, and finished off with rubber slate tiles.

If you cannot find the design or size you are looking for, we can design and install your very own unique, bespoke cabin.

Case Study 1 - Stage 1
Case Study 1 – Stage 2
Case Study 1 – Stage 3
  • Three twinskin cabins arrive on site
  • Installation starts after the damp proof membrane and bearers are in position
  • All three cabins are underway
  • The electrical first fix is carried out on the cabins while the walls are constructed
  • The twinskin cabins are now starting to take shape
  • The walls are now complete and the apexes and roofing beams are now fitted into position
  • The electrical first fix is complete and the roofing boards are now being fitted
  • All the cabins roofing boards have been completed and are ready to be insulated
  • Another view of the cabins
  • The cabin roofs are insulated with celotex
  • Breathable roofing under felt and battens are fitted before rubber slate tiles are layed
  • Another view
  • The rubber slate tiles certainly add to the appearance of the cabins
  • Another Creative Living installation is complete
  • All that remains is for the cabins to be painted in the customers choice of colour