Mr & Mrs Round’s bespoke Clockhouse Cabin. Installed July 2010

Mr & Mrs Round's bespoke Clockhouse Cabin. Installed July 2010

Case study – 8

Step by step images showing Mr & Mrs Round’s bespoke Clockhouse Log Cabin being installed, July 2010

If you cannot find the design or size you are looking for, we can design and install your very own unique, bespoke cabin.

Case Study 8 – Stage 1
Case Study 8 – Stage 2
Case Study 8 – Stage 3
Case Study 8 – Stage 4
Case Study 8 – Stage 5
  • Basework is constructed for 8mx3m twinskin cabin
  • Structural framework for cabin base is constructed
  • Plastic recycled posts are cemented into position
  • The framework is fixed into position and screwed to plastic posts supports
  • The cabin construction is underway
  • Cabin apexes are fitted
  • Roofing beams are fitted into place to support the roofing boards
  • Final adjustments are made before roofing boards are fitted
  • Tongue and grooved roofing boards are fixed to roofing beams
  • Side view of Clockhouse with roofing boards fitted
  • This is going to be a specail view when the cabin is completed
  • Decking basework is constructed and under felt is fitted to cabin roof
  • The bespoke service enabled Mr Mrs Round to include a cloak room within the cabin
  • Inside the Clockhouse
  • The Clockhouse ridge height creates a spacious feel within the cabin
  • The decking basework is completed with plastic posts cemented into position
  • Basework for a side decking area has been added
  • Rubber slate tiles are fitted at the rear of the Clockhouse
  • Work continues on the rubber slate tiles
  • Slate tiles are completed at rear of cabin
  • Rubber slate tiles are now fitted to front of cabin
  • Fascias are now added along with the ridge tiles
  • The decking area is completed and what a view
  • The tiles are completed
  • All that remains is for the customer to choose the colour to paint their cabin
  • The elevated position will provide fanastic views
  • Decking area creates a natural area to enjoy the cabin further