Are you looking buy a garden log cabin in the UK?

Buying a garden log cabin in the UK – tips and advice

The first thing to consider when considering buying a garden log cabin is It depends on what type of log cabin? For what end purpose will the cabin be used? Many people buy a garden log cabin to use as a garden home office – if that is the case, one of the best suppliers are Our very best advice is always to make sure you undertake plenty of research before you decide who to buy from. Some log cabins may seem cheap on the face of it, but if you delve in and properly compare what you are actually getting for your money the cheapest option is often far from the best.

You need to be acutely aware that a garden log cabin will need to be extremely well built, durable, to withstand the unpredictable (but often wet and windy!) British climate. Your cabin needs to be far superior in design, construction, materials and installation than a glorified garden shed. Completely waterproof and protected from the ingress of water and damp. Doors and windows should be of a high standard and offer a good level of security also. The roof should be made using modern slating products and come with a guarantee of a reasonable length.

Creative Living cabins are very high quality and we have loads of log cabin examples you can see on our website. There is also lots of other useful information such as the different optional extras you can add to enhance the cabin, such as installing air conditioning so you can have cool air in the summer but warm air for the colder winter months.

We also provide a fully bespoke service so you can totally customize the size and layout of your log cabin to completely suit your individual needs. Many other log cabin suppliers do not offer this service and you have to buy from a standard range of sizes and layouts.

A full log cabin installation service is also offered, by our very own in-house team of installers. You can see a range of our garden log cabins being installed here, using time-lapse video to show how the cabin is put together, piece by piece.

Finally, Creative Living Cabins also offer a free site survey so you can actually talk to an experienced person from their company who can give you invaluable advice about what type of log cabin to go for, what options you might want, and last but not least, help you site the cabin in the best possible location.

Advice about Buying a garden log cabin in the UK
Advice about Buying a garden log cabin in the UK





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